It is with great honor to announce that our very own professor, PROF. ARNEIL G. GABRIEL, bagged the OUTSTANDING SCIENTIST AWARD of the 12th Institute of Economic Development and Social Research (IKSAD) Science Award. This award is given to scientists and researchers from Turkey and abroad who have contributed to science and development since 2010, upon the recommendation of the IKSAD Scientific Board and the decision of the Board of Directors. IKSAD was founded in 2010 in Turkey and has been working in partnership with different local and international academic institutions, cultural organizations, and government bodies to integrate rigorous but accessible scholarly study with the everyday lives of working adults, and re-imagine scholarship for the 21st century. Primarily, it aims to extend current research, programs and practices in the field of social and economic development, and create platform to promote and sustain inter-cultural dialogue at all levels. It encourages and supports researches and academics as a prerequisite for development. Finally, it promotes economic development and social interaction between varying stakeholders through its own initiatives.