As of October 2020

Plant, Plant, Plant Program Against COVID19 Update

Amidst the storm [and COVID 19] here we are harvesting eggplant, okra, chili, mustard (mustasa), and camote leaves.
Indeed a positive way to start the day and to maintain good mental health.
*All are picked from the urban garden except the bananas.

As of September 2020

From concrete-covered space to nurturing ground

The area covered by the Plant, Plant, Plant against COVID19 Program of the College of Public Administration and Disaster Management (CPADM) further expands.
From one vacant plant box near the exit gate of NEUST Gen. Tinio St. Campus, the greenery expands to include the plant box beside the College of Industrial Technology (CIT) building and the previous space occupied by food stalls. Even the dumping ground has improved beyond all recognition. The once barren and concreted spaces now have growing vegetable plants (eggplant, chili, lady finger) all over them.

The initiative is also gaining support from various stakeholders. As an expression of support to the program, the Municipal Agriculture Office of the local government unit of Sta. Rosa recently provided more than three hundred seedlings of eggplant and chili. Some of which were planted on the roadside while some were handed to tricycle drivers, guards, joggers, construction workers, and other interested individuals.

What started off as a small effort to keep up with the national program to counter food insecurity has now influenced others to do their share. Having a domino-like effect, the initiative has encouraged people from the community to plant vegetables in their respective pots and gardens.


As of August 2020

Making a difference through Plant, Plant, Plant Program

We might be battling a deadly virus right now but let us not forget the older problems of our society. One of which is improper solid waste disposal.

But, initiatives and positive mindset work wonders. Who would have thought that the pandemic would make many of us “plantitos” and “plantitas”. That we can put up gardens in urban areas and raise vegetables even in pots or empty plastic bottles?

Well, the NEUST College of Public Administration and Disaster Management has expanded its Plant, Plant, Plant Program against COVID19 to include dumping grounds.

Yes, you read it right. Because indeed, we can maximize the use of lands and other resources by thinking of worthy causes.

In days’ time the seeds and seedlings planted therein will yield vegetables accessible to the community.

Through the initiative, we were able to turn an eye sore to an eye candy; a dumping ground to an urban garden; and an idle land into a fertile land.


June 2020

Amidst this challenging time, the College of Public Administration and Disaster Management in partnership with the Faculty and Staff Union launched a program dubbed as “Plant Plant Plant against COVID-19”. Ninety seedlings of eggplant were initially planted in two plant boxes within the vicinity of the NEUST-Gen.Tinio St. Campus.

Taken from the Department of Agriculture’s urban gardening program, the joint initiative aims to spread hopes that a patch of greenery can turn into a simple movement towards healthy lifestyle. It can bring not only good vibes but also organic food in the neighborhood.

With this initiative, the College and the FSU aims to encourage others to grow their own garden and to plant idle lands and pots with edible or even ornamental plants. Besides, turning fruit peels and biodegradable food items into compost and seeing plants grow from barren lands are calming and rewarding. Indeed, planting is a fruitful activity and a good respite in this time of uncertainty.

Our minuscule contribution to food production can have a lasting effect in the future. Be a contributor. Look around you. Find a good spot. Plant and water a seed now.