The Center for Indigenous Peoples Education (CIPE) was conceptualized out of the intention to make a difference on the lives of Indigenous Peoples by advocating for their rights and serving as channel for their concerns to reach proper authority. Likewise, it was established in accordance with Republic Act 8612 which mandates NEUST to undertake research and extension services and provide progressive leadership in the area.

            Indigenous research, training, and development are CIPE’s three major areas of concern. As advocate of Indigenous Peoples development, the Center is guided by the following vision, mission, and goals:         


To be the center of excellence in indigenous peoples researches, socially relevant training programs, and service oriented partner of the Indigenous Communities in their struggle for self-determination, political independence and socio-economic equity by providing them access to government and non- government organizations support systems in Nueva Ecija and in Region III.


To serve the Indigenous Communities in their cause for self-determination and social justice through interest articulation, promotion and protection of indigenous rights; taking into consideration the university’s resources, provide socio-economic, technological, and politico-legal trainings and programs towards making the Indigenous Communities self-reliant .