Dr. Arneil Gabriel and Ms. Olive Chester Antonio of the College of Public Administration and Disaster Management presented the findings of a National Research Council of the Philippines (NRCP)-funded project titled “Measuring the Impact of Work-From-Home Scheme on Work-Life Balance of State Universities and Colleges’ (SUCs) Faculty in Nueva Ecija: A Comparative Analysis” early today, May 31, 2022.

The webinar is part of the 18th NRCP Kapakanan ng Tao sa Oras ng Pandemya-COVID (KTOP-COVID). This is the NRCP’s strategy for ensuring the generation of new knowledge and information by continuously funding relevant research with socioeconomic benefits for people.

NRCP Members and other academics attended the activity held online via zoom platform. Following the presentation, the presenters were asked critical questions that provided additional insights into the study’s findings. The program concluded with a message from the Executive Director, Dr. Marietta Baez-Sumagaysay, who emphasized the importance of the study in the current situation and in the generation of knowledge that will improve systems and processes.